Honour Roll – Sutherland’s River Presbyterian Church

Sutherland’s River Presbyterian Church – Honour Roll (1914-1918)

A. Nelson Cameron
Wilfred L. Chisolm
William Hanes
Peter Mcbeth
D. Howard McRae
Sim Reid (killed in action)
John J. Urquhart
T Adderly
J.G Chaldecott
R. Franklin
J.R. Godfrey
A. H. Hardwick
E. W. Heurtly, M.C.
C.S. James
L.H. Scott
J.C. Simmonds
Honour Roll (1939-1945)
printed on the rear of this certificate is the following:

[presented to the Sutherland’s River Congregation by Fredrick N Weeks – Sept 30, 1941 –
committee: Mrs Harry Powell, Mrs John MacLellan, Mrs Robert C Hanes Sr., Mrs Alex MacLean
Flag bearers: Robert C Hanes Jr., Gerald MacLellan] – Mr Fredrick Weeks hand printed this document [JR Lackie]
William Douglass Campbell
J. Edward Campbell (killed in action)
Clarence E Robertson
Collingwood G. Ross
Sim E. Reid
John C. Weir (killed in action)
W.E. Rockey
Fred Rockey
Lowell Lumsden
Albert Lumsden
Lawrence E. Robertson
Kenneth Robson
James W Baines
H. Stewart Powell
John Olding MacLean
Milton Roy MacQuarrie
J. Guy Chaldecott
James Burns MacBeth
John James Robson
Elvie Bruce Vacheresse
Robert Parker Young
J. Ross Arbuckle
Earle H. Arbuckle
W. Chalmers Cameron
R. Forbes Cameron
Herbert Gordon
John Weir
J. Ross MacLean
Elmer MacLellan
Grant MacLellan
Donald MacQuarrie
G. Grant Ross
Charles Avery Crosby
Ross Royal Crosby
Robert Chester Robson
Charles David Urquhart
James William Leil


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